Celebrity Inspired Short Haircuts for Women With Thick Hair

Short hair is easier to handle and arrange than long hair, especially if you are the owner of a thick hair that is hard to tame. Short hair suits any type and shape of the face, you just have to know which hairstyles for short hair to choose in order to highlight different features or to mask possible imperfections. Also, these versatile hairstyles for short hair are suitable both for straight hair and for curly hair. Here are some examples of short hairstyles for women with thick hair.

The advantages of short hair

You do not need much time to arrange a short hair, as it dries quickly and can be immediately arranged in any form with no effort. It only takes a little hair wax or volume powder to create a hairstyle for short hair. Women with thick hair love the idea of short hair because it spares them the effort of taming rebel hair and arranging it every day. Another advantage of short hair is that it can give stressed and full of arranging products hair the break it needs.

The pixie haircut

This type of haircut is one of the most controversial short haircuts for women with thick hair, that was made famous by celebrities like Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway. Androgynous, yet attractive, this haircut makes you look younger and can do wonders for curly hair as it makes it look healthy and neat.

Short bob haircut

Stylists thought about challenging women to wear short hair and invented the short bob haircut, which is a haircut between short and medium hair designed as an ingenious way of styling the hair for the transition between the different lengths to not affect your look. Kelly Osbourne, Charlize Theron and Keira Knightley are some of the celebrities who are in love with this cute haircut.

Bangs look great with short haircuts

Bangs are a great option for every type of haircuts, especially for shorts haircuts for women with thick hair who want to obtain a feminine and sweet look. If you want to distract the attention from your round shaped face, you can opt for long bangs to cover your forehead or a few strains you can wear at a side. Kate Winslet and Rihanna love this type of haircut that sweetens their face features.

Curly short haircut

Short and curly hair has a special charm, which the celebrities are aware of. If you choose a short haircut with longer trains of hair on the surface, you can follow the example of Rihanna, Selena Gomez or Keri Hilson and curl your longer locks for an elegant and feminine look.