Hair Color Ideas for Women with Light Skin

A long time ago the lighter the skin of a woman was, the more beautiful she was considered to be. If you are lucky to have light skin then you should know that your skin tone could go great with any hair color. You will look good with whatever color you may think of. Nowadays there are very much appreciated the red and blonde hair color ideas. You could balance the two colors, choose blond as the main color with red highlights or the other way around. The latest trend would be to dye your hair using a mix of three or four different colors that form a nice contrast. The best way to celebrate your light skin is to color your hair in colors that are not accessible to other persons who have darker skin.

This light fiery red will lighten your skin tone even more. If you have long hair play with it and curl it to highlight the contrast of the colors that you have used in your hair. According to the Homer’s Odyssey you will look more and more like the Helen of Troy who had the skin white as the sea foam!

If you are looking for some ombre dyeing ideas then you have two options: either you choose to make the passing between the two colors very dramatic, or you make it soft. If you have a dynamic personality probably the first option would fit you the best. If you are the quiet type of person and you are looking for something stylish, elegant, and yet sensible probably a softer passing would be more appropriate for you. There are several variations of the ombre style.

If you have light skin you can choose among many color combinations for dyeing your hair, not just red and blonde hair color ideas. Depending on how bold you are, you can even choose unnatural colors such as blue, green and sharp violet.

Combining any color with black will have a dramatic result. Harmonize your special hair color with a proper haircut and you can be sure that one will only have to see you one time to remember you!

If you want to celebrate your lovely light skin, choose vibrant beautiful colors. Wearing your hair in a fiery red bun will make you look very classy.

If you dye your hair in a really dark tone you will create the maximum contrast between your hair and your skin. A dark hair color will make you look just as beautiful as the Snow White.

If you want to discover even more hair color ideas for women with light skin, visit On that website, you will find inspiring hair colors as well as hair care tips and hair dyeing advice.