How to Rock a Medium Length Layered Haircut

The haircut is an important part of a woman’s look and it can flatter her by reducing age or extra pounds. Choosing the wrong haircut can make a woman look bad and highlight her flaws instead of her qualities, therefore, women should carefully choose their haircuts. Find out if a medium length layered haircut is suitable for you and how you can wear it in the best way.

A versatile and easy to style haircut

A medium length layered haircut is appropriate for various styles and looks, from casual and relaxed with loose strains of hair, to elegant and arranged hairstyles that are perfect for work. It will nicely fit your face whether you have curly or straight hair and the hairstyle will express your naturalness and versatility, giving you the opportunity to play as you want with the asymmetry of the hair. The layered medium haircut is appropriate for any type of face shape, from round to long, heart-shaped or square.
Styling tips:

  • You can choose to leave your locks from the surface to the maximum length, cutting the hair in layers inward, thus providing more flexibility and volume.
  • When you dress to impress, whether it is for a special ocasion or just to go at the office where you always take care of your image, curl up your hair to give it a playful bounce as it will highlight the glam of the attire you put together.

Wear bangs with your layered haircut

Bangs are perfect for this haircut, successfully making you look younger and highlighting your smile, being a feminine and versatile hairstyle. If too much volume or split ends are your problem, oblique or straight bangs will help temper your hair without losing all volume.A few daring ways that you can wear bangs:

  • Thick, rich bangs that start in the middle of your head.
  • Only leave a few strands fall on your forehead.
  • Long bangs that reach the cheeks – can be worn on one side only.
  • Short bangs that reas the eyebrows.

For stylish bangs, use a good flat iron. If you don’t own a flat iron, you may still think that these styling tools damage the hair. Nevertheless, if you read some flat iron reviews, you will see that the latest flat irons have a lot of great technologies that protect the hair while eliminating frizz and adding shine. If you have no idea of what type of flat iron would be suitable for your hair, read several 2018 flat iron reviews and compare and contrast the top rated styling tools.

The perfect haircut for curly hair

If you have curly hair that is hard to style, this haircut is perfect for you because of the short to medium layers that will make the hair look light and be easier to handle and style. Make sure you use a hydrating shampoo and a conditioner that will tame your curls and apply some mousse on the surface of the hair for defining the layers.
Curly hair care tips to live by:

  • Apply conditioner even when you don’t shampoo your hair to make it easier to style it. Prfeerably, each day when you shower, apply a little conditioner to tame your wild locks a bit.
  • Don’t shampoo as often as straight haired women do as your hair will stretch and stress out if you do so. Instead, shapoo it once every 3-4 days.
  • To reduce frizz and lock in the shine, opt for cold water shampooing. It might not be as pleasurable, but it pays off once you see how tamed your hair becomes.
  • After you shampoo, divide the hair into sections and comb each one of them to detangle the strands using a wide-tooth comb.
  • Pre-shampoo to detangle, soften, and condition the hair in order to prevent damage during the shampooing process.

Play with shades of color

If you want to rely on the combination of style and color, you can successfully opt for highlights if you want to make the best out of the layered haircut. Some blonde highlights, or different shades of your hair color will strategically add depth and shape to the haircut. Highlights even help instantly make thin hair look thicker, the depth and contrast they create being what provides this bonus styling perk.