Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

A medium length haircut usually fits any face shape – the heart-shaped face, the square face, the oval face, the diamond face and the round face. This haircut is easy to maintain and it looks très très chic! We present to you some medium length haircuts with bangs that could suit you.

Light curly medium length haircut

If your hair is naturally curly then this haircut could highlight your best curvy features of your face such as nice cheekbones or curvy smile.

Wavy curly medium length haircut

If you want to have a feminine and sexy look then cut your bangs in order for it to reach the medium point of your nose and leave it fall naturally on your forehead.

Easy style for medium length haircut

This is one of the medium length haircuts with bangs that go great for children and for ladies with beautiful long necks. The more weight you take out of your haircut the more volume it will have. This haircut will only need some light hair moose or soft hair gel applied with the tips of your fingers on the ends of your hair.

Chic medium bob

A highly detailed bob haircut with short chopped bangs will make you look sweet and playful.

Color accents for medium lenght haircut

If you want to give more texture to your hair you could try dying your hair in more colors. Accents such as warm blonde, light brown and dark brown will make your hair look trendy and it will have more volume.

Straight bangs block in medium length haircut

This type of straight bangs block is always welcome for a clean and tidy appearance no matter how messy the rest of your hair may be.

Volumized medium length haircut

Tall bangs will give you a doll-like appearance. If you have a round face shape then some tall bangs will make your face appear longer. Style the rest of your hair by bringing it towards your face.

Geometrical angled Cleopatra haircut

A straight Cleopatra haircut is too boring. Give your hair a little more length with an angled haircut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. This is one of the medium length haircuts with bangs that will never be out of fashion.

Long aery straight bangs

This type of long aery straight bangs is a very chic choice if you know how to combine it with a good hair color that will be in your benefit.