Stunning Curly Short Haircuts

Unlike hair that is naturally straight, curly hair is more difficult to style, which is why so many women use flat irons to make their locks less capricious. Still, this technique can cause lots of damage to your hair, and the worse part is that your locks can curl back the minute you leave your house on a rainy day. Therefore, we advise you to start embracing your natural hair, and make a style signature out of your curls instead of fighting them. With the best curly short haircuts, you will be able to achieve a spectacular look, even on a humid day.

The stacked bob haircut

If you are blessed with thick, curly hair, you should opt for a stacked curly bob haircut. This is one of the curly short haircuts that can complement your entire figure, because it will give your hair a wonderful texture, helping you to achieve a stylish look without spending too much time in front of the mirror. Furthermore, giving the tight texture of your hair, you can be confident that your bob will keep its shape throughout the day. Still, if you want to create a glossy finish, we recommend you to use a hair product that will accentuate your firm curls.

The pixie cut

Busy women who search for a low-maintenance hairstyle should direct their attention towards a short, but feminine crop that works great on curly hair. Unlike curly short haircuts which involve a precision cut, the pixie cut features a graduated style with longer layers on top to show off choppiness. This type of hairdo can help you look sophisticated without using special styling tricks. So, if you are one of the women who can’t afford to waste too much time in the morning, this hairstyle is the best choice for you.

The layered, curly cut

Hair with great volume provides endless possibilities of enhancing your aspect. Therefore, we advise you opt for a layered, cut with random curls reaching your chin and framing your face. Adding layers to curly hair can make it look more thick than it actually is, and it can offer you the volume that you always dreamed about. Furthermore, you can add more texture to your hair with highlights, and obtain a shaggy look. So, try a chin-length haircut that is all about controlled chaos and beautiful hair color to improve your aspect.